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Molo Kids

A creative Danish brand offering a mix of colourful and unique designs in a range of digital prints for boys and girls aged newborn to 12 years.
Molo Kids is an inspiring award-winning Scandinavian brand famous for its stand-out designs and great robustness. Molo was founded in 2003 and since then the children clothing brand expanded to one of the leading brands in Northern Europe. The Molo headquarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, but the Molo kids fashion is sold internationally in 30 countries, in 600 top stores all over the world. The Molo founders were aspired to fundamentally change children fashion industry as they believed the modern kids fashion was dull and outdated. Molo’s aim was to produce favourite clothes in every child’s wardrobe. Molo Kids created their first collection for 2-8 years in spring 2003. Its import was limited to four countries including England. But already in 2005 they launched their baby collection for 0-2 years. Ever since Molo’s range of products developed further including outwear and swimwear collections for children up to 12 years. Molo’s unique style was celebrated with prestigious awards, such as ‘Baby&me’ Style Award 2014 in the category ‘Best International Fashion Brand’ and the award for Best Danish Kidswear Brand by ‘Born I byen’ in August 2013. The StyleMolo clothing is unique and easily recognizable with their funky urban looks. Molo offers a wide range of bright colours, and it mostly avoids banal pastel colours and common baby patterns. The creative childrenswear has lots of humorous details and exclusive photographic prints that create a fun, clean and ‘raw’ Scandinavian look. The designs are surprising and original: Molo children clothing surely draws attention and perfectly fits to an active and confident kid with an exciting dynamic lifestyle. Molo Kids designs clothing children can wear with pleasure and pride. Their imaginative style encourages creativity and self-expression of children. These charming clothes are not only bright and creative: they are created to be constantly worn on a daily basis. Molo Kids pays a great attention to the cuts and materials making sure clothes are extremely durable and comfortable for any children activity. The latest Autumn-Winter 14/15 Collection is notable with its trendy black-and-white palette and metallic shades mixed with glowing bold colours. We at Panache love the daring style of Molo clothing: it is confident and positive just like children are supposed to be. Molo Kids is a children clothing brand that is fully dedicated to little consumers. Molo is a manufacturer limited to children only; that helps the brand to concentrate on baby and child needs that are quite different from requirements for adults. The brand presents functional childrenswear of a great quality for an affordable price. Molo clothing is known for its long-lasting service: the colours stay bright wash after wash, while the stitches are sturdy. Molo always keeps in mind the main purpose of clothes. Therefore Molo Kids produces garments in which children are able to have maximum fun with no restriction of their movement. Bibaloo offers a solid selection of this eclectic brand.

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