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Livly - Prima Cotton Garments for Babies to Girls 8 years - Made in Scandinavia - 70% off all stock


Beautiful garments made with fine Pima Cotton from Scandinavian Brand Livly - Babies newborn to Girls 8 years.

Clearance 70% off all stock

A Scandinavian brand which combines minimal design with a luxury edge, Livly is a purveyor of classic children's clothes with a free-spirited sensibility. Founded in 2011, the Stockholm-based brand is the perfect choice for kids who love fashion, and parents who won't compromise on quality. A playful approach to design ensures that every garment is a fun and unique creation bursting with a Swedish charm which your children will utterly adore.
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Livly Girls Bunny Harem Joggers Navy
On Sale For: £7.50
Livly Baby Pink Luna Dress
On Sale For: £8.70
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