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White Ankle Sock With Lace Frill
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CLEARANCE Apricot Handmade Lace Frill Ankle Sock - WhiteThis is a girl's item

Silky super fine cotton/elastane mix White ankle sock with lace frill, small satin bow and pearls, available in ages 1 month to 8 years. 

Fabulous Quality Ankle Socks Made In Italy and decorated by hand in Spain

3-6 months

On Sale For: £2.50

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Knee length ribbed cotton/elastane white sock with big white satin bow with heat sealed edges on each side - available in foot sizes 16/18, 19/22, 23/26, 27/30 and 31/34.

Sock Made In Italy and decorated in Spain.
Apricot Satin Bow Sock White
CLEARANCE Apricot Satin Bow Sock - White
£3.20 (GBP)