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Foam Childrens Insole Size
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Foam Childrens Insole SizeThis is a unisex item

Childrens foam insole by Transparent - especially designed for the comfort of children and very helpful in making the shoes fit properly  - made of latex with anti bacterial formula which regulates perspiration and eliminates unpleasant odours.

One side fabric where the foot actually sits and the other side latex with guide lines on where to cut for which ever size you need - ie if the shoe is a size 30/uk12 then cut along the line for 29-30.

After trimming the insole - place inside the shoe with the fabric side up towards the sole of the foot - these insoles will make the shoe at least 1/2 a size smaller.  As the foot grows - take the insole out.

uk4.5 to uk3/35