Whether you’re looking at purchasing children’s shoes for the summer holiday season or you’re looking at children’s shoes for school, you need to be confident you’re buying kids shoes that don’t just fit your child’s foot but fit in with their activities and lifestyle.

Kids grow up fast, so you want to spend your money on something that’s going to provide the support and comfort they need for healthy development and to align the correct posture.

With school out for summer, now is the perfect time to start thinking about buying your kid’s next pair of shoes. To help get you started, we’ve put together a guide to choosing a pair of shoes that will last and provide the child with adequate support.

How to choose children's shoes

Did you know, kids feet change at least four times a year, which is why it’s so important to buy a correctly fitting shoe to allow enough room for growth and to fit the foot at its current size. Wearing a shoe that’s too big can cause just as many complications as wearing a shoe that fits too small.

Kids shoes typically last 13 weeks, so you’ll need an excellent fitting service from an experienced shoemaker to help you achieve the perfect fit. We would always recommend measuring your child’s feet every time you consider purchasing a pair of shoes.

Tips for buying kids shoes

Help your kid put their best foot forward with our top tips to buying the right shoe:

  • Materials. Check if the shoes are made from natural materials. A leather insole will help your children’s feet breathe, which is particularly kind to parents’ noses after a long day at school - phew!
  • You’ve gotta have sole. Look for a flexible, non-slip sole to ensure optimum comfort throughout the day.
  • Support. How sturdy is the ankle support? Kids will benefit from a supportive shoe to aid in healthy growth and development.
  • Balance. Will it support the foot? The more supportive the arch in a shoe, the more it will help contribute to good posture and balance, and in particular if the child is flat-footed.
  • Do you need an insole? For shoes that fit just a tad too big, insoles are a great solution. Cut an insole to size and place in the shoe to fit. Insoles help shoes fit if they’re a little bit too big, and also help with balance and support; so they’re less likely to complain about having sore feet.

Overall, the more supportive a shoe, the less likely it will cause a child pain and problems in the future. Our feet support our whole body, so we must make a conscious effort to look after them!

What size do children's shoes go up to?

Children’s shoes go up to a UK13, and youth sizes range from a UK1 to a UK6.5. At Panache Kids, we have created a helpful shoes fitting guide so you can understand how to measure for children’s shoes accurately. 

Panache Kids Shoes

If you’re unimpressed with the selection of children’s shoes on the high street, at Panache Kids, we have a variety of options available on our shop online and in our boutique Designer Kidswear store in Hoddesdon

Choose from our range of Panache Kids shoes; sandals, Mary Janes, ballerinas, T bars, school shoes and winter boots. We even sell Panache Kids baby shoes, perfect for your kids to take their first steps.

Our Panache Kids shoe collection is made from the highest quality leathers from Spain, handcrafted by experienced independent shoemakers who know how to make shoes that are going to last and wear well.

As part of our footwear collection, we also sell designer children’s shoes: some of our best selling shoes include Lelli Kelly, Converse and Igor Jellies. Find out more about the top designer kids shoes on our blog.

Shoes that you can afford

At Panache Kids, we are committed to designing kids shoes that are reasonably priced and suitable for your child’s range of activities.

Order from our kids’ shoe collection with our easy payment plan. Pay just 20% upfront and spread the remaining balance up to 8 weeks before paying the final amount and receiving your order.

Our customer service team is more than happy to help you select a lasting, supportive shoe for your child. We are dedicated to helping answer your questions about choosing the right shoe size, brand and style of shoe. If you have any enquiries about our Panache Kids shoe collection, contact us with your order enquiry on 01992 708 800. Alternatively, you can email the team at customerservices@panachekids.co.uk.

In our Hoddesdon store, our experienced team will measure your child’s feet and advise on the best fitting shoe. We’re open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm.

There’s no good denying that kids feet are constantly growing, which is why it’s so important to buy a quality pair of shoes to assist with healthy development. Next time you're looking for a new pair, follow our top tips for buying kids shoes. Always have your child walk in the shoes to double check they’re going to be comfortable.