Children are notorious for getting mucky, having accidents and being prone to staining their beautiful clothing. It’s all part of them growing up, exploring the world and increasing their sensory experiences.

Of course, no parent wants their child’s or baby’s clothes ruined by a days play, which is why we have shared our top tips on how to wash children’s clothing and how to remove tough stains.

How to care for children's clothes

Firstly, check your preferred washing powder or liquid packaging displays the British Skin Foundation logo. This is a quality measure of the detergent and indicates that the product is not considered harmful to the skin.

Can I wash baby clothes in the washing machine?

It’s perfectly safe to wash baby clothes in the machine. As with most of our products, we advise washing designer children’s clothes at 30c, unless otherwise stated. A gentle non-bio detergent is easy on your baby’s skin and suitable for machine washing baby clothes at 30c. Avoid using a washing machine especially if the garment is made from wool - always check the label for the official care guidelines.


Should baby clothes be washed before use?

As a precaution, it’s always best to wash baby clothes before they use them. Since baby skin is so delicate, parents can take this extra step to prevent any dust or irritants affecting their child, especially in the early days of settling in at home.



How to wash baby clothes

Prior to washing your baby’s clothes, remove any tough stains straight away. Heavy soiling caused by your baby or child’s nappy, having an accident or food spills should be rinsed right away, using cold water to remove as much of the soiling as possible. Cold water helps remove the excess and prevents the stain from setting in the fabric. If you’re unable to wash the item immediately, soak your child’s clothes in cold water until you can attend to it properly.

In particular, take care of food and drink stains by gently rubbing a small amount of washing up liquid into the stain, and rinsing again. For tricky, tough stains, soak the garments overnight, prior to placing them in the washing machine on your usual cycle.

How to wash children’s clothes in the washing machine

Once you have removed any excess soiling, your children’s clothes can be placed in the washing machine on your preferred setting (we advise washing at 30c), separated from whites to colours so the dye doesn’t run.

For heavily soiled items, once these have been washed in the machine, it’s best to hang them outside to dry in the sun. The natural properties of the sun activate a bleach-free process which can significantly remove tough stains - you will be surprised by the results! Lemon juice is also great at removing stains, which can be applied directly to the stain as it comes out of the machine and left to dry in the sun.

What are your top tips for washing children’s clothes? We’d love to know what are your suggestions and fail proofed ways to keep your child’s clothes looking gorgeous. For more advice on children’s fashion, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about new products and updates from our blog.