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Carlomagno Socks Lace Cuff Satin Bow Knee High Sock Celeste Blue
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Carlomagno Socks Lace Cuff Satin Bow Knee Sock Celeste BlueThis is a girl's item

Carlomagno Children's Socks -  fine knit cotton/poly mix knee high sock with pretty flower design all over with handmade lace cuff and satin bow on the side - gently elasticated fine rib and scallop under the knee so that the sock stays in place  - available in shoe sizes 16/17 to 28/30.

Made in Spain and decorated by hand - 8 colours available.

16/17-uk size0-1/size 00


18/19-uk2-3/size 0-6m


20/21-uk4-4.5/size 1yr


22/23 -uk5-6/size 2yr


24/25 -uk7-8/size 3yr


26/27-uk8.5-9/size 4yr


28/30 -uk10-12/size 6yr

Please wash these cotton socks inside out on a cold wash - do not mix colours.

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