To help make ordering kids clothing much easier for our customers, we’ve put together a simple guide on how to measure for children’s clothes.

At Panache Kids we stock a variety of children's designer clothing brands. For each of our products, we’re the first to tell you in the description whether a brand fits particularly small. We understand it can be difficult to decide on what size to purchase and want you to feel confident with your order.

How to measure a child’s waist

The first thing you need to do when measuring a kid is to tie a ribbon comfortably around their waist to define this section of the body - make sure you don’t tie it too tight or too loosely. Using a ribbon to define the waist makes it a lot easier when taking the rest of your kid’s measurements.

Use the ribbon to measure the child’s waist at this level by wrapping a sewing tape measure around. If you’re struggling to find the kid’s waist, a fun way for your child to help find it is to ask them to put their arms out (like an aeroplane!) and have them lean slightly to the side - as they bend and you’ll see their natural waistline.

Once you’re feeling more confident using the tape measure, write down your child’s measurements in either inches or cms.

How to measure a child’s chest

To take the chest measurements, wrap the tape measure around the widest part of the child’s chest, usually on their breastbone. The tape should be placed under the arms and around the chest directly. Make sure your child isn’t breathing out or in as this can obscure the reading.



How to measure a child’s back

If you’re measuring a child for a dress in particular, you’ll want to size them up from the back nape. This is from the top of the spine, level with the highest part of the shoulder, down to the waist.

If it’s easier, you can mark this spot on your child using a sticker (your child can choose!) and use this a point to run the tape measure down their spine and to their waist (where the ribbon is located). After this, you’ll need to take a second measurement from the back nape all the way down to the ankle.

How to measure a child’s hips

Many people think you should take a child’s hip measurements exactly where their hips sit, but it isn’t the case. In fact, you have to wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of the child’s bottom.



How to measure a child’s height

To take your kid’s height measurement, have them standing on a flat, solid surface and run the tape measure directly from the top of the head, right down to the floor. An easier way to take an accurate reading of your child’s height is to have them stand flat against a wall, not wearing any shoes.

- Make sure they are looking forward; the feet are together with their heels touching the wall
- Ensure has their arms at their sides and the legs are straight
- Run the tape measure from the top of the child’s head, down to the floor, while checking they remain still and don’t slouch

Panache Kids size guide

A top tip is to take the child’s measurements twice, so you can double check you have the right size! Make sure the child is relaxed, so they don’t breathe in or out and that the tape measure isn’t placed over thick or baggy clothing for a more accurate result.

We want you to be happy with your purchase, so feel free to contact us for further advice on sizes for products you wish to buy. You can find a digital size guide located under each product on the page: just click the button ‘size guide’ to reveal the details by age and height.