Children are pretty active at school. Whether it’s running around in the playground or walking to and from home, they are on their feet a lot. For these reasons alone, it’s important to buy a children’s school shoe that’s comfortable, supportive, breathable and isn’t going to fall apart within weeks.

Buying school shoes can be stressful. There’s so much choice, and you want to be confident you’re buying a pair that’s going to wear well and is kind to your bank balance! If you’re thinking about where to buy your child’s next pair of school shoes, look no further. We’ve created a guide on how to buy children’s school shoes, which includes advice on:

  • When should you buy school shoes?
  • Which school shoes are the best?
  • What school shoes should I get?
  • How much do children's shoes cost?
  • How long should school shoes last?
  • How to make school shoes shine

When should you buy school shoes?

August is the best time to buy your children’s school shoes, ideally in the last two weeks of the summer holidays. Children’s feet grow fast - there’s no surprise in that - so it’s important to get their’ feet measured every time they need a new pair of school shoes. A shoe too big or too small can equally cause many problems for a growing child.

Which school shoes are the best?

At Panache Kids, we sell a range of high-quality school shoes for boys and girls. Our best selling brands for children’s school shoes include our Panache Kids range and Lelli Kelly shoes.

Lelli Kelly school shoes

Lelli Kelly girls school shoes are available in different width fittings, G or F. An F fitting shoe is the industry standard, however, if your child has a slightly wider foot, G fitting shoes are more accommodating.

You can choose from three styles: school Colourissima, school Dolly and Irene bow shoes. Dolly and Colourissima shoes slip on with a hook and loop strap, and both styles have interchangeable straps with different designs.


You can change the look depending on what your kid prefers, or if their school requests a plain shoe. Irene Lelli Kelly shoes are more suitable for winter, as they cover the whole foot and have a thicker sole.

Lelli Kelly shoes are made from natural leathers, so they’re breathable for everyday wear. The padded insole makes it a comfortable and supportive shoe, lightweight and easy to fit. Depending on your kid’s school uniform, there is a selection of colours to choose from, including red, brown, patent black, matte black and silver grey.

Panache Kids School Shoes

If you’re looking to get your kid a new pair of school shoes, you can also choose from our Panache Kids school shoes for boys and girls.

All our children’s school shoes are handmade with the highest quality leathers and designed in Spain by independent, experienced shoemakers. Our school shoes are available in a selection of colours and styles which includes:

  • Ballerinas
  • Penny loafers
  • Mary Janes
  • Slip ons
  • Lace-ups
  • Velcro hook and loop strap shoes

Our shoes are made with leather insoles and are leather lined for breathability. Each shoe style has been specifically designed for the prolonged use of wear at school. The supportive arch and soles make our footwear ideal for wearing five days a week to endure all day wear.

What school shoes should I get?

Once you’ve found a school shoe brand you like, the next step is choosing the right style for your child. To help with your decision on what school shoes you should get, think about how will you care for the shoes? Are they suitable for all kinds of weather? And, as children find their voice, they’re more likely to be concerned whether their school shoes are stylish.

Panache Kids school ballerinas

Our Panache Kids ballerinas are designed with a thicker sole to endure long-term use and contact, especially if your child has a heavier foot. Ballerina shoes are simple for children to put on themselves, which is a lovely way to feed their curiosity to learn more about putting on other types of shoes.

Ballerina shoes are better for the warmer seasons, as the open top design helps children’s feet stay cool in the heat. These shoes are designed to be flexible, so the foot can roll with ease and not pinch. Each shoe is styled with a cute bow and a slight heel (no more than 0.5 cm) for a smarter look.

Ballerinas are a versatile shoe which pretty much goes with all types of school uniforms - kids can also wear them if they’re dressing up for a party. As part of the Panache Kids school shoe range, there are eight different colours of ballerina shoes to choose from.

Panache Kids penny loafers

A classic shoe, penny loafers are stylish, lightweight, non-slip shoes that can see a child through all seasons at school. They’re available in child and youth sizes in black, burgundy, cream, blush pink and white colours.



Panache Kids Mary Janes

A staple shoe in every kid’s wardrobe, Mary Jane shoes are a comfortable solution for everyday wear at school. Even from a young age, you can spot babies and young children wearing Mary Jane shoes as they’re renowned for being quality shoes that go with all kinds of outfits. You may have read in our most royal wedding outfits for 2018 blog post, we’ve spotted the royal children several times wearing Mary Janes in their baby photos.

Mary Janes are a great shoe to help children learn how to put on their own footwear, as they’re easy to slip on and fasten. The adjustable hook and loop strap allows you to loosen or tighten the shoe to size.

The design of Mary Janes means they are slightly more protective in all weather conditions. With this type of shoe, you are guaranteed more than adequate ankle support and comfort for your child to wear throughout the day.

Panache Kids slip ons

Our slip on shoe range is available in black, brown and navy. It is a lovely, classic shoe, similar to the ballerina style, which will go with many different types of school uniforms. In particular, if your kid is heavy-footed, we would not recommend a slip on shoe. This is because the sole is designed to be lightweight, flexible and is better suited to the summer season.

Panache Kids lace-up shoes

Panache Kids lace-up shoes for boys is a smart, supportive style designed to stand the test of time, as boys are typically more likely to be a bit rough and tumble around the playground. Our boys’ lace-up shoes are fully leather lined, with cushioned ankle and arch support, and a flexible non-slip sole to prevent children from tripping over. These shoes are available in black, blue and brown.

Panache Kids velcro hook and loop strap shoes

We sell two types of velcro strap shoes for boys, which includes our Aiden and William range. Aiden is the same style as William but with punch decoration on the front. These shoes are available in black, brown and navy blue colours. Similar to the lace-ups, our boys’ velcro shoes are designed to support and endure heavy use.


How much do children's shoes cost?

A lasting, good quality children’s school shoe will cost between £40- £50. Children’s shoes of this price range tend to be higher than other brands on the high street, as they’re made from natural leathers and specifically designed to provide a child with all-day comfort and support. Although it may be tempting to buy a cheaper shoe, it’s unlikely to wear well, and you could be replacing a pair within weeks.

How long should school shoes last?

Often, parents find they need to buy children’s school shoes up to four times a year. Children’s shoes typically last up to 13 weeks and can start falling apart earlier if they don’t provide the right support or are made from cheap materials.

For more advice on how to buy children’s shoes that are going to last, read our guide for information on:

How to make school shoes shine

To help your child’s shoes last longer, we would advise to polish them weekly to keep the leather supple, so it doesn’t dry out and crack. Children’s shoes are likely to suffer to a knock or scratch here and there; it’s difficult to avoid this happening as they sit on the floor or run about in their break. We suggest using a quality shoe polish, cream or gel to cover most scuffs. We sell a good shoe polish by Lelli Kelly on our website.

After a few weeks, check the soles and heels for wear - we would always advise using a quality shoe repairer who can resole.

If leather footwear gets wet, it’s best to let them dry naturally and away from direct heat to protect the material. Wet shoes can be stuffed with clean paper to help keep the shape as they dry out.

Affordable school shoes

Before you know it, it’s the end of the school term. Your children are probably asking you for a new backpack, pencil case and the rest that goes with it. Sounds familiar? Our Easy Payment Plan helps make it more affordable to buy children’s school shoes and other items.

Friendly and highly experienced, meet our team at the Panache Kids store in Hoddesdon who are here to measure your child’s feet and advise on the type of school shoes most suitable for them. If you have any enquiries when ordering online, contact our friendly team if you’re unsure about sizes.

We hope our guide to buying children’s school shoes has been helpful and you feel more informed about choosing a quality school shoe that’s going to wear well. For more information on choosing children’s shoes, read up on our blog about How to buy children's shoes. We have a wide selection of children’s shoes, not just for school, but for fun and activities outside the home, special occasions and baby shoes.