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Shipping destination:

Delivery Charge

Please note that standard shipping charges are based on weights up to 2kg. For heavy packages, we will advise the price on the weight of your delivery. DHL measure on volumetric/weight so there may be extra charges added depending on the size of your parcel once packed. We will contact you for your approval to confirm any extra cost from shipping agents and give the options available. We try to keep this charge to a minimum and will not knowingly make money on the postage.

Delivery Discrepancy

Any delivery queries must be reported to us within 7 days, we use CCTV at every packing station and all deliveries are weighed at checkpoints throughout the delivery, any discrepancy can be verified. After 7 days has passed we will assume your delivery is complete and no investigation will be entered into.

Delivery to different address?

If you choose a delivery address different to the invoice address (e.g. a work address where the delivery can be signed for by anyone at the address), we are not responsible if the order is signed for by someone else and it goes astray.

Therefore proof of delivery to the address with a signature taken by the person who delivered the order is proof that the order has been successfully delivered.

Delivery left in safe place

No claim will be entered into for loss when deliveries are left in your agreed safe places at your property, safe place requests are the customers liability. Please note -safe place instructions with couriers are transferable from previous arrangements, it is the customers responsibility to ensure safe place agreements are kept up to date.

Delivery not received?

If after receiving the dispatch email with your tracking number you have not received your delivery within the above-stated delivery times for your selected shipping option, please contact us by email, or telephone customer services on +44 (0)1992 708800 to let us know so that we can find out why.

Before contacting us please check tracking on the delivery yourself. We will require a claims form to be completed before an investigation is opened.