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The Borboleta story began in 2011 with the idea of producing a top-quality baby shoe for the UK market. The concept was simple, utilise the best materials allied to an elegantly designed shoe. The production of the shoes were and still remain today predominantly handmade with highly skilled artisans working on each pair of shoe that is made.

The name Borboleta, translates to ‘butterfly’ in Portuguese. Butterflies are associated with different stages of the life cycle and was a perfect correlation with phases of a babies growth development and reaching the key walking milestone.

The Borboleta collection which has been made for Panache for Kids are made with the softest leather and patent leather uppers, lined with a Microline lining and Neolite non slip sole.  The fitting is a little wider than usual - allowing a better fit for those little ones with a high instep or chubby foot and giving more room for little toes to move and grow.

Borboleta fittings are slightly longer and much wider than our Panache Footwear - ie., Borboleta 23 = Panache Spanish Footwear 24.

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