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Piccola Speranza Rosebud Crystal & Bow Tights Cream
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Piccola Speranza Rosebud Crystal & Bow Lace Ruffle Tights CreamThis is a girl's item

Piccola Speranza Baby & Toddler tights - gorgeous cotton elastane tights with three layers of hand made lace frills on the bottom and side of the legs decorated with rosebud, crystals and small satin bow in pink, available in ages 6 months to 24 months.
Made in Portugal and decorated by hand.

12-18 months

On Sale For: £12.99

6-9 months

On Sale For: £12.99

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Panache Kids traditional high back shoe in patent leather with a natural leather lining and thin flexible lightweight non slip sole - spacious round toe shape which allows for toe movement and padded ankle support. Made in a family owned factory in Spain that only make children's shoes.

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  • Closure strap and buckle
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Panache Toddler High Back - Strawberry Pink
Panache Toddler High Back - Strawberry Pink
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